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Bulk call generation services for IPRN projects

Try a powerful tool to scale your IPRN business


Earn more on IPRN numbers

Use the opportunity to make mass call and test routes 24/7, 365 days a year.
Our solution includes a route tester and auto dialer for bulk call generation.

Voxiko dialer features

Multiple tests and projects at the same time
Flexible customization
for tests and projects
Anti-hijack anti-misrouting protection system
Generation of calls for any equipment
Works with any IPRN provider
Powerful statistics
Integration with any
Sim management service
Call recording and playback

Unique Anti-hijack
protection system

A premium automatic tool to monitor calls to your IPRN providers.

With this development, you will not lose money due to misrouting. The system monitors whether you have dialed your provider's IPRN number and drops the call within 1-2 seconds in case of a miss, saving money on your Sim cards balance.

Сохраните свои деньги с Anti-hijack

Customize your workflow precisely

Queue time limit
Call duration limit
Limit the amount of responses
Limit on the number of calls per day
Pause between accomplished or failed calls
Week days and operation hours limit
Simultaneous operation of test and active tasks
Limit the number of active lines
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